Feel free to submit a prayer request online. We do post prayer requests in our weekly bulletin and on the list below. So, if you would prefer your name be kept private, please note that in your request and only our prayer team will be aware of an "unspoken" request. On the other hand, you may also feel free to include as much information as you are comfortable.


Our Church - Our Nation - Our First Responders - Our Military & Their Families
*Prayers for all those fighting Covid* 

Don Barron
MelIssa Battles
Beverly Bauer
Josh Bradford
Jackie Brucker
Brody Brunton
Brenden Cofer
Peggy Gullant Colburn
Gloria Lancaster Combs
Tim Crawford
Brenda Davis
Shawn Dlouhy
Bob & Brenda Douglas
Clarissa Draper
Hagen Eaton
Michelle Edmondson
Chad Elkins Sr.
Gracie Farris


Jerry Flowers
Carol Franklin
Dex  Fraser
Lucas Gilbert
Troy & Norma Head
JD Jones
Jerry & Katie Jordan
Tiffany Lewis
Ronda Lewis
Christina Lindsey
Cindy Maner
Shane Mann
Ron McCuen
Diana Miller
Rita Mosley
Bridgette Mueller
Kinsley Nevill
Rhonda Newlan
Emmitt Nichols
Marie Patrick
Josh Poe
Shelia Poe
Rosalyn Pratt
Michael Aaron Reimer
Tiffany Richardson
Elvia Salas
Manual Sanchez
Jozy Sewell
Cathy Shaw
Michael Stroud
Johnny Walker
Jack & Dana Watkins
Ryan Watson
Jason Wendt
Cliff & Sherri Williams
Don Worley

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