Feel free to submit a prayer request online. We do post prayer requests in our weekly bulletin and on the list below. So, if you would prefer your name be kept private, please note that in your request and only our prayer team will be aware of an "unspoken" request. On the other hand, you may also feel free to include as much information as you are comfortable.


Our Church - Our Nation - Our First Responders - Our Military & Their Families

Bradley Boyte
Joshua Bradford
Danielle Bresnahan
Brody Brunton
Family of David Bryan
Reba Cantrell
Family of Darla Capehart
David Mack Castles
Dan Cobb
Donnie Connolly
Jeff & Kathy Davis
Moverine Deaton
Family of Buddy DeMoss
Neal DeHerra
Ronnie Denis
Patrick Dailey
Bob Douglas
Shawn Dlouhy
Kenneth Dunagan
Aubrey Farmer
Brenda Ochoa Gibson
Tim Gibson
Gerald Griffith
Bobby Henderson
Gratian Hollyingshead
Family of Melanie Hyder


Sandy Jackson
Josey Jimenez
Claude Jones
Robert & Marie Jones
Paula Jordan
Peggy Jordon
Terry Knight
Johnny Laznovsky
Tom Lewis
Family of Jeremy Long
Family of Archie Lowe
Cindy Maner
Ron McCuen
Debbie McElhenney
Brittney Miller
Don Missildine
Peggy Moore
Whitney Morris
Family of Connie Mullenix
Christi Owen
Monica Patrick
Terry Paul Jr.
Family of Joe Perez
Clayton Perry
Rita Pethea
Josh Poe
Shelia Poe
Delores Prater
Family of Jessie Prater Jr.
Family of Kathy Price
Billy Quinn
Sally Redmon
Monica Reece
Gene Reed Sr.
Guy Relfitt
Family of Dr. Kent Rogers
Briceland Sanchez
Modesto Sanchez
Bert Smith
Nathan Smith
Stanley Stovall
Michael Sullivan
Donna Thomas
Allen Waldrop
DiAnna Walter
Tommy Walter
Billy Watson
Dennis Waugh
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